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These are some of the items I am adding to the Style Spectrum on Etsy this week. The black beaded top is already up and the rest should follow. The peach teddy is by Pucci- Formfit Rogers. The purple crop jacket is spectacular, ultrasuede, and does not look like it has ever been worn. Love it! Enjoy the vintage eye candy.


I spotted this vintage cutie at an estate sale and promptly pushed the blonde heifer headed in the same direction as this item out of my way as I went to snag it. Never worn! Whaaaaaat! So cute! I politely helped her up after it was in my hand, of course. I am a southern belle, ya know!


I had a good time figuring out the age of the item from the RN Number. This is the formula and details for garments made after 1959.

In 1959 the base number of 13670 was issued. On average 2635 RN numbers are issued yearly. The further your number is away from the base number in increments of 2,635 per year gives you a clue as to how many years past 1959 to add to your garment. Here is my math-which was never my strong suit!

Take your RN Number and subtract 13,670

15,600-13,670= 1,930

So I can “guesstimate” that this is from the early 1960s. 

You can also click this link to the FTC site that issues RN numbers to find more info on dating your vintage items. Put your vintage item RN number on fashions after 1959 for best results into the query.


When I put my RN number to this database, it came back to the Kellwood Company founded in 1961. So cool. Listed it today. Check it out with the link below.


Can’t you just see Gidget wearing this in the 1960s with her hair flipped at the ends. Cute white pedal pushers on,too!


McCall 6271 is so fabulous! This pattern is uncut and dated 1930. UNCUT! can’t get over that in all this time, no one-Including me- has had the time to sew this fabulous pattern! I love the blouse in View A with the ruffle on the shoulder. I would rock that with some jeans and heels. These are 2 new patterns listed today in my Etsy shop. Having a 20% OFF sale in my shop if you see anything you like!


Expires on August 13th!